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Kent Bostick, Cyclist

"I'm probably the oldest athlete in an endurance speed sport." At 52 and a Masters athlete in cycling who is still going strong and winning championships, Kent Bostick is a prime example of someone not letting age slow him down. In fact, he accomplished his life-long dream of making the team at 42 in 1996, double the average age of most of his teammates. "This year I won the Tennessee Time Trial Championship in the 40 kilometer individual time trial," says Kent. "My times in this event are the same as 10 years ago. I've been able to maintain the same level of sport from age 20 to age 52, which is pretty unusual."

Kent, who didn't begin training seriously as a cyclist until the relatively late age of 26, is a two-time Pan-Am Games gold medalist and a 12-time senior national champion with two world records and more than 300 career victories. From 1989 to 2001 he rode with the Shaklee-sponsored cycling team. In this time, Team Shaklee set more than 10 world records, sent four riders to the 1992 Games in Barcelona, six to the 1996 Atlanta Games, and six to the 2000 Games in Sydney.

Kent is a big believer in Shaklee natural ingredients and uses practically every product on the Shaklee roster, including nutritional supplements, weight management products, personal care, and home care products. Kent attributes Shaklee supplements and weight management products for helping him make the team. "Shaklee products helped me lose additional pounds, which allowed me to climb better and be more competitive in timed events. I became more aerobic, I recovered faster and I improved my overall ability as an athlete." Today, Energizing Soy Protein helps Kent maintain his muscle mass so that he can burn the fat and stay competitive.

At 52 and a first-time dad, Kent has even less time to train and sleep, so supplementation and healthy habits are even more important to him. He says he doesn't have the most optimal training program because today he balances a full-time job and his new family life, but he still manages to ride 25 miles to work and 25 miles home each day, as well as ride up to eight hours over the weekend. Shaklee products accompany him on long rides and at competitions: He uses Performance® Maximum Endurance Sports Drink and Carbo-Crunch® Energizing Snack Bars while riding and then drinks Physique® to help him recover after a workout. "It helps me recover so fast, I can go home and mow the lawn afterwards," says Kent, smiling. "Physique® allows me to have a life after sports - or to race in multiple events in one day."

Although today racing for Kent is primarily about having fun and staying healthy, he remains competitive and wants to set the Masters 50+ record for 2 km pursuit on the track and 40 km on the road, as well as defend his national titles at the Masters National Championships in 2006. "I like the synergy between psychology, physiology, diet, and nutrition that is required for high-level cycling. I am fortunate to understand the benefit of Shaklee nutritional supplements and to use them to my advantage in sport and life."

These are Kent Bostick's
   favorite Shaklee products:
  • Vita-Lea
  • Energizing Soy Protein
  • Physique®
  • Performance
  • Carbo Crunch
  • BestWater
  • Joint Health Complex

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