David Quick Before He started The Shaklee Cinch Inch Program

David Quick

28 1/2 Lbs

8 Weeks

This plan is so easy. I look forward to the shakes! People tell me I look younger. I walk 9 holes of golf instead of taking a cart…getting healthy means living longer and enjoying my children and grandchildren.

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David Quick After He Started the Shaklee Cinch Inch Program


Paulette Quick Before She started The Shaklee Cinch Inch Program

Paulette Quick

16 1/2 Lbs., 11 3/4"

9 weeks

I ate my way through San Francisco with crab legs and butter and came home very heavy. I am insulin resistant and heard the Cinch inch loss program had worked for diabetics, so thought it might work for me. I wake up thinking “I get to have a chocolate shake for breakfast!” and I love every swallow of it. I am not hungry or even tempted with chocolate, as I get a yummy energy bar in the afternoon. 10 more lbs. and I’ll fit back into my clothes of 2 years ago…finally!

Paulette Quick After She started The Shaklee Cinch Inch Program

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