Itís a CINCH

Introducing the Cinch Inch loss plan by Shaklee


What an exciting Weight Management Program Take a good look at those extra inches And give them a great big smooch goodbye.

It's simple and easy!

Protein so you feel good.

Leucine so you don't lose muscle.

Flavors so you don't lose your will.

Why Most Diets Fail
  • Nutritionally Inadequate
    -----> You feel bad, sooner or later
  • Too Hard to Follow
    -----> Interferes with your life
  • Results Are Too Slow
    -----> frustration
  • Unsafe Ingredients
    -----> Negative side effects
Cinch Breaks the Diet Cycle

Itís not about just being beautiful; Itís about being healthy

Helps body build and preserve lean muscle

Besides Losing inches and Losing weight, following the Cinch Plan:

The Cinch Inch Loss Plan is formulated to help you break the diet cycle, so you:

Keep muscle you need. Burn fat you donít need. Lose inches you donít want.

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