Shaklee Products

Examples of How Shaklee Products Are Different

 •Shaklee has its own research and development lab in Hayward, CA.
 •Shaklee has a new lab in Palo Alto in conjunction with Stanford University.
 •Shaklee manufactures its supplements in a state-of-the-art facility in Norman, OK.
 •Shaklee is the only company that invited the FDA for a tour of its Oklahoma facilities...and came away impressed with their quality control standards.
 •Most companies do NO research and have their products made by the same handful of contract pharmaceutical companies. They simply change the color, label, shape - it's all the "same stuff".
 •Shaklee has spent well over $100 million in research - more than the next 6 largest companies combined.
 •Shaklee has over 150 scientists on staff, an advisory board consisting of doctors, professors, and scientists from leading universities. Most companies' research staff - if they have one at all - consists of two or three people.
 •All Shaklee products claims have documented, scientific research to substantiate them.

Example 1

Regarding BIOAVAILABILITY (which means.... do the nutrients in the product get absorbed into the bloodstream AND is there published, clinical evidence to prove it?) Five brands of 200 I.U. Vitamin E were tested for delivery to the blood stream. The results were:

 •Brand 1 = 0.15 units absorbed
 •Brand 2 = 15.0 units absorbed
 •Brand 3 = 1.0 units absorbed
 •Brand 4 = 67.0 units absorbed
 •Brand 5 = 200.0 units absorbed (this was Shaklee)

Therefore, as you can see, quality will determine the results that the body will experience.

Example 2

PRODUCT STABILITY is a big issue. Here's an example: Acidophilus and Bifidus products are being highly promoted today. BUT the following is a university study showing the amount of active bacteria found when microflora products were randomly selected and tested off the store shelf: The label claimed the following numbers "At the time of manufacture."
Label Claim Microanalysis Results
Brand 1 2 billion NONE
Brand 2 100 million 1,500 Only
Brand 3 250 billion 30 million
Brand 4 1 million NONE
Brand 5 500 million 500 million (this was Shaklee)

Obviously the body will benefit only from what gets delivered to the intestines.

Example 3

In January 2000, the University of Guelph did an investigative report and found the following: They tested JAMIESON, Imperial Ginseng, Red Dragon Brand (on the label it said "Premium Ginsengs of the Chinese Emperors") They were 500 mg capsules. Two test lots were done:

 •Lot #1 = 0.3 mg active ginsenosides per 500 mg capsule
 •Lot #2 = NO active ginsenosides per 500 mg capsule
The results are obvious - this product is pretty useless

Example 4

In 1998 the U.S. Department of Agriculture Report randomly selected 43 Ginseng-labelled products and tested them for active ingredients. The results: 39 of 43 had NONE! That's 91%!

Example 5

In January 2000, the University of Guelph reported on Garlic tablets tested: 100% of all Garlic tablets tested DID NOT meet the label claim for "Allicin" - the medicinal ingredient in Garlic. 33% had NO ACTIVE ALLICIN at all!

Example 6

This was a 1999 CTV report on St. John's Wort. 70% of products tested contained fewer active ingredients than the industry standard. 10% contained NO ACTIVE INGREDIENTS!

Example 7

This was the same 1999 CTV report on Ginkgo Biloba. 50% of Ginkgo Biloba products tested contained fewer active ingredients than the industry standard. 25% contained NO ACTIVE INGREDIENTS. The supplement and herbal industry is very poorly regulated, and therefore, it is up to the buyer to BEWARE! That's why Shaklee is the most trusted name in Clinical Science. They follow stringent QUALITY CONTROL STANDARDS, some of which are as follows:

 •Up to 176 separate tests for PURITY, FRESHNESS, POTENCY and SAFETY are performed on the raw materials for a single product.
 •To protect delicate enzymes and confirm PRODUCT STABILITY temperature controls are monitored (not more than 55 degrees C or 131 degrees F)
 •Products undergo as many as 262 separate QUALITY ASSURANCE TESTS throughout the manufacturing process.
 •Shaklee performs more than 250 propriety tests beyond industry norms on herbal ingredients.
 •The products are clinically tested for absorption into the blood stream. And the body only responds to quality. The cells of the body know nothing about advertising or price - only Quality!