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Get Clean ™   Environmentally Safe Cleaning products.
You can make a Difference! Go Green!

Get Clean is a high-performance line of powerful cleaners that outcleans 12 national brands. That means we outclean the competition, or we’ll give you your money back. Because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice powerful cleaners for powerful convictions. And vice versa. To view some of the more popular products from this amazing line of household cleaners, check out as an excellent source of information.

Watch this Special Report: Dr. Oz and Oprah

We received an interesting article on some of the many dangers associated with the more popular branded cleaners and common household items. You'll be shocked/dismayed/alarmed at what Lori Dwornick found when she did a little bit of research. In this provocative article she discusses the dangers and risks associated with many common household chemicals including but not limited to cleaners, cancer, kids, baby care, dish detergent, toothpaste, and much more. I feel that this article is a must read. It's very informative and thought provoking.

One of the nice things about using Get Clean is that once you get rid of your current cleaning products, you won’t have to replace them with 27 more. You have nothing to lose except dirt and a whole lot of toxins.

A Toxic Brew - What's Under Your Sink?
Oprah Winphrey featuring Get Clean ™.
The Real Dirt on Clean

Click here to shop for Shaklee Get Clean products. This will open a new window and when you are done, simply close the window and continue to browse. If you have further questions about the Shaklee Get Clean line, check out these videos below and some of the other information we've made available on this page. There is a really quick Fact Sheet that shows some common household chemicals and the Shaklee Alternatives.

Do you use harmful toxic chemicals in your home? Download our short Quiz to find out. Also you can check out this fact sheet to find the Safer Shaklee Alternative to your common household chemicals.

Toxic Chemicals Questionaire

THERE is an alternative to hazardous chemicals. See the fact sheet on possible effects from toxic chemicals... and the Safe, Green Alternative Shaklee products that can save you money.

Shaklee offers an entire line of Non-toxic, hypoallergenic cleaners that have no harmful fumes or volatile organic cleaning compounds. Every product is formulated without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Some of the more common chemicals that can be found in many other cleaning products are listed on the right.

•  Kerosene
•  Phenol
•  Cresol
•  Lye
•  Hydrochloric Acid
•  Sulfuric Acid
•  Sulfamic Acid
•  Petroleum Distillates
•  Ammonia
•  Sodium Hydroxide
•  Butyl Cellosolve
•  Phosphoric Acid
•  Formaldehyde
•  Morpholine

Shaklee Get Clean has been documented to outperform 12 major national brands of cleaners. That coupled with our 100% Moneyback Guarantee and you have a system that you can have confidence in.

Toxic Homes Compare Get Clean to the Compitition Get Clean Brochure Get Clean Brochure Are you living in a Toxic Home?
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