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In seeking good quality nutritional products after years of trial and error I discovered one line of food supplements that was unique. Shaklee makes food supplements which are more complete than just vitamins. These nutritional supplements are balanced and bioavailable for maximum benefit. Most companies make vitamins pretty much the same - not assimilated very well by our bodies. You can click here to view some research examples that show the Shaklee difference. Shaklee has had dynamic growth and is now the largest natural nutritional company in the country.

Look at our shopping link for supplements in harmony with nature and good health.The Shaklee Difference that is illustrated on this website with comparisons, examples and independent testing is the difference you are looking for and is important to your health. Buy with confidence -- our products are Guaranteed!

A planned approach to ensure the greatest benefits from food supplements is to take all nutrients and let your body's natural selection processes absorb what is needed. Eat your supplements with your meals for at least 30 days, starting with a small amount and gradually increasing.

Why Supplements
Shaklee Nutrition - More Effective, Doctor Recommended

Below is a table of many of the nutritional supplements that we have to offer with an included description of how each one benefits you. Click on the name of each product to view a more in depth product description and for ordering information.

SOY PROTEIN (Instant or Energizing) Cell Builder
A whole protein - all 9 essential amino acids present in the right proportion. Easily absorbed.

Ocean Wonders
Orange, grape, or berry flavors

Provides 23 essential nutrients, including 100% of B vitamins, trace minerals, vitamin K, and much more to keep children strong and healthy. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives added.

VITA LEA With or Without Iron
Vita-Lea Men is a high potency formulation specially designed to support the unique needs of men. Each serving provides 23 essential vitamins and minerals at clinically proven levels for optimal health. Promotes:

Heart health
Immune health
Physical energy
Healthy muscle function
Joint health
Normal blood pressure

Designed Especially for Adults 50+
Vita-Lea Gold is a high potency formulation specially designed to support the unique needs of adults. Each serving provides 23 essential vitamins and minerals at clinically proven levels for optimal health. Promotes:

Heart health
Bone health
Immune health
Cognitive function
Healthy vision
Physical energy
With N-Acetylcysteine With or Without K

A delicious tablet-free way to get essential vitamins, minerals, and acidophilus along with prebiotics. Simply stir in your morning drink and you have an instant nutritional jackpot.

Nature's complete herb with A,B,C ,and, K. Natural antihistamine - natural diuretic - digestive aid. Provides fiber.

Sustained release, gives 5-6 hours of protection. Natural antihistamine. Anti-stress and anti oxidant vitamin. Builds red blood cells. Prevention of colds. Helps nose bleeds, bruising, varicose spider veins infections, shortness of breath, wound healing, healing of fractures and weakened immune systems.

Cleans lymph glands, blood stream and digestive tract (cleansing the walls of the intestine where many illnesses begin). Stimulates bile flow in the liver without killing bacteria. Promotes regularity without a fatigue reaction. Contains 9 organic herbs. Sugar and sodium free. Non-habit forming.

Boosts immune system. Shaklee Guard - protects it from oxidation and has 6 vitamins and 3 minerals known to be key immunocative nutrients. Increases resistance to infectious disease, reduces frequency, severity and duration of illness.

PLUS SELENIUM. Conserves oxygen with the body, improves circulation, aids reproduction of hormones Carries vitamins to the cells, governs metabolism of all cells, builds heart muscle, heals wounds. Provides energy, strength and stamina. Helps prevent varicose veins, hot flashes and fibrocystic breast disease.

CALCIUM OsteoMatrix +120 OsteoMatrix +360
Calcium builds bones and relaxes muscles (helps cramps, muscle spasms, backaches and menstrual pain.) Essential for clotting of blood. Stabilizes the nervous system (helps reduce hyperactivity in children) Helps headaches, promotes restful sleep, builds strength in bones and teeth. Chewable is a great antacid.

Chewable Cal Mag

Magnesium is vital for maintaining normal muscle and nerve function, supporting a steady heart rhythm, and helping to retain normal blood pressure.

Polyunsaturated Omega 3 fatty acid used by the body, as a catalyst, to reduce the stickiness of platelets in the blood stream. Proven to reduce risk of heart attack and stroke. Helps arthritis and migraines.

Is in every living cell and essential to healthy blood. Deficiency can cause stress, fatigue, weakness and reduced energy levels. Vitamin C added to the iron aids in better absorption.

Uniquely combines super-concentrated extracts from blueberry, elderberry, green tea, and grapeseed, among others. Flavonoids are found in plant parts not typically consumed: seeds, peels, flowers, and bark.

Part of the entire enzyme system in the body. Helps prostate in men and reproductive systems in both men and women. Synthesis of collagen and protein. Helps digestion, circulation and growth in children. Helps immunity to infection. Helps skin and hair. Needed especially by vegetarians, dieters, pregnant women, athletes, and those who exercise.

PHYSIQUE includes Bio-Build, a unique blend of protein and carbohydrates. Each serving has 14 grams of protein, 38 grams of carbs, 300 calories, and less than 1 gram of fat. Formulated for after workout repair of tissues and builds muscles. Natural alternative to steroids. FITNESS includes Bio-Tone, has 12 grams of protein, 33 grams of carbs, 180 calories and less than 1 gram of fat.

Used for colitis, diverticulitis, nausea, gas, indigestion, paralysis of the tongue, morning sickness, hot flashes, vomiting, and menstrual cramps. Cleanses the colon, stimulates circulation and reduces spasms and cramps. Helps maintain a calm stomach, a relaxing drink.

Gentle Sleep Complex valerian +
Good for insomnia, nervousness, ulcers, headaches, colic, gas, pain, stress, anxiety, convulsions, muscle cramps and spasms. Improves circulation and acts as a sedative. Reduces mucous from colds.

Ginko, bilberry, hawthorne & more

Bacopa monnieri and Vinpocetine

LIVER DTX COMPLEX milk thistle, schizandra, reishi mushroom & more
Contains Milk Thistle extract which supports the body's normal ability to make proteins that help regenerate liver cells. Also contains Schizandra Chinensis which has anti oxidant properties along with Reishi mushroom, Dandelion, Turmeric and Artichoke. Maintains bile flow necessary to eliminate compounds detoxified by the liver.

Contains precious oil from the seeds of the Borage plant, the most natural source of GLA available. Unique herbal formula also includes Sunflower seed oil and Vitamin E. Regulates body processes such as control of blood pressure, blood clotting and inflammation. Helps with menopausal and PMS symptoms, also great for fingernails.

MENOPAUSE BALANCE COMPLEX black cohosh, soy, flaxseed & more
Balances Hormones

Unique herbal formula containing traditional herbs that can help men maintain proper urinary flow. Prevents BPH. Contains the finest Saw Palmetto Berry, pumpkin seed oil and soybean extracts.

St. Johns Wort +

MENOPAUSE BALANCE COMPLEX (black cohosh, soy, flaxseed & more) Balances Hormones
Contains Black Cohosh that helps regulate hormonal balance in women during the transitional period of menopause. Supplies phytoestrogens from Soy Iso flavones and Flaxseed and a unique blend from Dong Quai, Red Clover, and Licorice.

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