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Multi-level marketing (MLM) also referred to as Network Marketing is a business distribution model that allows a parent multi-level marketing company to market their products directly to consumers by means of relationship referral and direct selling.

Independent unsalaried salespeople of multi-level marketing referred to as distributors (associates, independent business owners, franchise owners, sales consultants, consultants, independent agents, etc.), represent the parent company and are rewarded a commission relative to the volume of product sold through each of their independent businesses (organizations). Independent distributors develop their organization by either building an active customer base, who buy direct from the parent company and / or by recruiting a downline of independent distributors who also build a customer base, expanding the overall organization. Additionally, distributors can also earn a profit by retailing products which they purchased from the parent company at wholesale price.

Distributors earn a commission based on the sales efforts of their organization, which includes their independent sale efforts as well as the leveraged sales efforts of their downline. This arrangement is similar to franchise arrangements where royalties are paid from the sales of individual franchise operations to the franchisor as well as to an area or region manager. Commissions are paid to multi-level marketing distributors according to the company’s compensation plan. There can be multiple levels of people receiving royalties from one person's sales.

So what does this mean to you? Shaklee has been a leader in Multi-level-marketing for over 50 years. We are an industry leader in providing the highest quality products to our customers thru the use of this effective business model. And as a Shaklee Distributor you have the opportunity to take advantage of this system. There are a number of ways you can choose to join and benefit from the Shaklee Success. If you'd like to view the different options, click here. From there you can view the benefits of each type of Shaklee membership and decide which is right for you. Also, if you would like to have someone contact you to discuss your options you can request more information and a representative will contact you either via email or phone.

If you'd like to see how much potential is available to you check out some of our other successful people. And remember, in this marketing system, the only income caps are the ones that you put on yourself.

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