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Carla Overbeck, Soccer Player

Gold-medal wins at the 1996 Atlanta Games and the 1999 World Cup changed women's soccer. The victorious U.S. Women's National Team inspired many young girls to pursue their athletic dreams and kicked women's soccer into the big leagues.

Carla Overbeck, a defender and captain of the U.S. Women's National Team for six years, was one of only two players to play every minute of these two momentous games. What's more, she scored the opening penalty kick against China in the 1999 World Cup Final, helping her team take home the first-ever gold medal in the history of U.S. women's soccer. She played so many games in her career that she earned the nickname "the ironwoman of soccer." Case in point: In 1996 she played 63 consecutive international games, a record for any U.S. national team player, man or woman. The year before, Carla was a finalist for the Women's Sport Foundation Athlete of the Year, among other top athletes such as Bonnie Blair, Steffi Graff, Picabo Street and Rebecca Lobo.

Carla kicks soccor ball"I am extremely competitive; I loved the competitive aspect of playing soccer," says Carla. "It's about putting yourself on the line, whether you win or lose. That's the kind of person I am and I'll spend my lifetime getting out there and being active." Today, Carla is a mom of two and a part-time coach at Duke University, a job that keeps her involved with the sport but also allows her to spend time with her children, who are very energetic - and not just with soccer! Her son loves baseball, basketball, and is starting to try lacrosse. "I don't care if he plays soccer," says Carla. "I just want him to enjoy getting exercise."

Carla has used Shaklee products from day one, because her mother was a Shaklee customer. "I knew they were the best vitamins out there, and I also would use Shaklee Physique® and Meal Shakes when I was training," says Carla. "I felt good - strong, healthy and confident - and didn't want to change my routine during the most important time of my career." While traveling and training with the U.S. National Team from 1998 to 2000, Carla often supplied her teammates with Shaklee supplements if they were feeling run down.

Today Carla uses Shaklee Joint Health Complex* to help keep her knees limber because soccer is hard on the knees. In addition, "now that I'm getting older and used to be in the sun all the time," she appreciates the Shaklee skin care and makeup product lines. And, continuing the trend set by her mother, Carla's husband and kids also take Shaklee supplements.

In the future? "The possibility of being a head coach is out there," says Carla. For now though, she is concentrating on coaching her two star players and ensuring they grow up healthy and active.

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