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Darin Shapiro, Water Skier & Wakeboarder

When Darin Shapiro, "the most winning rider in history," began to compete in 1991 at age 17, just one professional wakeboarding tour existed. Today this relatively new water sport is rapidly growing in popularity and there are professional wakeboard tours and competitions all over the world, including the "Shapiro Wake Cup" in Russia - proof positive of Darin's significant impact on the sport. Major U.S. events include the Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament, the World Championships, the Pro Wakeboard Tour and the X Games. Darin has won every one of these tournaments multiple times during his remarkable career.

"I'm proud that I was able to stay on top for so long in a sport that has been constantly changing - with new styles, tricks and equipment," says Darin. "In the beginning I was one of the only guys really into the sport; it was the perfect crossover that blended my abilities on a trick water ski as well as a surfboard."

Darin has depended on Shaklee for nearly seven years and credits the company's products for helping him to sustain such a long, successful career. "I think I've ridden longer and better because of Shaklee products," says Darin. "When you are heavily into sports, you can't over look the importance of maintaining good nutrition; it has definitely improved my overall health and performance."

In addition to taking Shaklee Vita-Lea®, Alfalfa Complex, Lecithin, CoQHeart® and Vita-C® to supplement his nutrition, Darin relies on Physique® Workout Maximizer Supplement to help him recover faster after a hard workout. "It's like dessert - nice and cold," he says. During competitive events and while traveling for business, Darin's backpack is always full of Shaklee products, including Carbo-Crunch® Energizing Snack Bars and Multi-Munch™ Protein Boost Nutrition Energy Bars. "Shaklee bars are awesome between meals or for when I travel - there's always the worst food available on the road - and Shaklee Cinch™ products are great for keeping my metabolism and energy up." Shaklee NutriFeron™ has also made a difference in Darin's health: he recently began taking the supplement and is happy to report he has continued to feel great despite his heavy travel and workout schedule.

After 15 years as wakeboarding's top competitor, Darin will continue to promote the sport and help guide its development as a dedicated coach and advocate. Darin says he'd like to see wakeboarding become popular with a whole new generation. "Wakeboarding is doing to waterskiing what snowboarding has done for skiing," comments Darin. "It has attracted a lot of new fans to the sport - today you rarely see a ski boat pulling anything but a wakeboard." A trend he can certainly be proud of.

These are Darin Shapiro's
   favorite Shaklee products:
  • Vita-C®
  • Lecithin
  • CoQHeart®
  • Alfalfa Complex
  • Shaklee Vita-Lea®
  • Carbo-Crunch® Energizing Snack Bars
  • Physique® Workout Maximizer Supplement
  • Multi-Munch™ Protein Boost Nutrition Energy Bars
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