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Michelle Simpson, Water Skier

At 22 years of age, with top four finishes in every professional women's slalom waterskiing tournament in the 2006 season and a new personal best performance record, Michelle Simpson will be the one to beat in 2007.

"In 2005, I won the World Cup tour title for women's slalom," says Michelle. "The competition is kind of addictive. When you do well, it's the best feeling in the world - to accomplish something you never thought you could."

Michelle's waterskiing career began at age 4 with spins on a lake near her home in Bridgeport, Texas. It was when she went to ski school and learned slalom that her passion for the sport really became apparent.

Michelle skied for her alma mater, Rollins College in Florida for two years and won a collegiate team championship and an individual slalom title in 2003. That same year, Michelle also won a bronze at the Water Ski World Championships and a silver at the 21 and Under Water Ski World Championships. Today, Michelle competes exclusively in the professional circuit.

Michelle began using Shaklee products in 2006 at the recommendation of her trainer and says that the results have been fantastic. "For a long time, I wasn't consistent in taking supplements because I didn't know what to take - I didn't want to put anything synthetic into my body," says Michelle. "Shaklee's natural ingredients provide great nutrition I know is safe and right for me."

Michelle depends on Essential Foundation Shaklee Basics vitamins, VitalMag, OsteoMatrix, Omega Guard™ and NutriFeron™ to help keep her in good shape on the road. "I've noticed how healthy I've been this year, not as worn-down from traveling," says Michelle. "That has helped my skiing because although I still ski and train if I'm worn down, my body takes longer to recover. It's better to stay healthy in the first place!"

Performance® Maximum Endurance Sports Drink has been key to Michelle's strength this season. "I traveled with Performance this whole year and definitely feel like I have more energy," says Michelle. "Sitting and warming up in the heat for hours, waiting for your event, really can take a toll as far as dehydration. Shaklee Performance keeps me hydrated and gives me the electrolytes I need."

Michelle also takes Shaklee Physique® Workout Maximizer Supplement to help her body recover faster - particularly in the off-season when she's lifting and skiing hard, as well as working to improve her flexibility with yoga and Pilates. Michelle recommends, "Try Physique blended with frozen raspberries and soy milk!" Another healthy treat she loves are the new Shaklee Cinch ™ products, especially the Chocolate Decadence Bars and Shakes which she says are great-tasting and easy to eat on the run and while traveling.

Michelle plans to ski professionally for at least another 10 years - through college graduation and three years of law school. "I think Shaklee will help me to excel in my sport and maintain my overall health for the long-term. Being strong and healthy is essential for my athletic career and Shaklee will help me accomplish my goals."

These are Michelle Simpson's
   favorite Shaklee products:
  • VitalMag
  • OsteoMatrix
  • NutriFeron™
  • Omega Guard™
  • Essential Foundation Shaklee Basics vitamins
  • Performance® Maximum Endurance Sports Drink
  • Shaklee Physique® Workout Maximizer Supplement

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