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Wild Dolphin Project, Shaklee Nutritional Products

The Wild Dolphin Project (WDP) is currently working on a two-way project in which researchers are developing techniques to bridge the communication gap between dolphins and humans. For 20 years, WDP has been studying a specific pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins - a species that had never been studied before - near the Bahamas in order to learn more about their lives and how they interact with other dolphins and marine life. Spending five months of the year on a research boat, the team has accumulated unprecedented amounts of baseline data in the form of photographs, video and audio tape that has fueled the publication of more than 20 scientific papers, articles in various magazines including National Geographic, and numerous television documentaries with the BBC and PBS.

"Most people don't realize that dolphins form long-term friendships and relationships," says Dr. Herzing, the founder of WDP. "They are very intelligent and they communicate with each other in complex ways."

Although swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas sounds glamorous, Dr. Herzing says it's actually a very challenging and physically grueling job. The sun and sea water is hard on the researchers' skin, so they greatly appreciate donations of Shaklee skin care products that help keep them going in the field. A WDP sponsor for 10 years, Shaklee supplies the research boat with environmentally friendly cleaning products like Basic-H®, Basic-G® and Basic-L®, nutritional supplements; and personal care products like Enfuselle® SPF 30 for Body sunscreen, Enfuselle® Hand & Body Lotion, ProSante® shampoo and conditioner and Desert Wind® Antiperspirant.

Using environmentally safe products is the only option for Dr. Herzing, and she appreciates the amount of research that goes into the development of Shaklee products. "We all impact the health of the ocean by our own behavior," she says. "We need to be conscious of this on a personal and a global level. Shaklee makes it easy for people to choose products that are good for the environment."

These are Wild Dolphin Project's
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  • Enfuselle® Skin Care
  • Basic-L® Laundry Concentrate

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